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NOTE! This project was moved from SourceForge and will be released in a newer version (v1.5, running on .net 2.0 with new functionality). The application is currently only available through code repository.

Project Description
The FormsGenerator is a WYSIWYG editor for creating forms. The FormsGenerator is built using Microsoft.NET and XML, but can be integrated in any environment that supports SOAP.

FormsGenerator.NET has moved to CodePlex.
It's been a while since the last update and the SourceForge page was somewhat broken. FormsGenerator.NET has been reninitialized here on CodePlex.

What is the
The FormsGenerator is a small ASP.NET application which is used to design forms in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) way. The FormsGenerator is ideal for people who are not familiar with HTML and has little knowledge of programming. Additional it's ideal for projects that demands that the forms should have the same look & feel throughout the website. That said, it's not only usable with web pages, as the forms are XML based and may be used in any application that requires forms.

The forms can be integrated in any environment that can translate XML (any environment, really) and the forms are retrieved through a WebService through SOAP. This means that it's possible to integrate it through several platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) and in any language that has support for the SOAP protocol (MS.NET, ASP, Java, PHP, etc.)

FormsGenerator Functionality
  • Supports Unicode
  • Supports the following form elements:
    • Label (HTML span)
    • TextField
    • TextArea
    • Hidden elements
    • Radiobutton
    • Checkbox
    • Select (Dropdown and list)
    • Validators for elements. Can make own validators by using Regular Expressions.
    • Custom fields, ie. datefields, list of Employees etc.
  • Supports paging.
  • Supports more than one item in each cell
  • Cell properties (colspan and alignment)
  • Drag'n'drop functionality for moving elements.
  • Personalization and support for viewing other users forms.
  • Locking/Unlocking of form
  • View and edit Source of form (XML)
  • Webservice
  • Dynamic help system
  • Form repository either in DB or using Filesystem

Technical Design
How to install

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