Windows OS running IIS
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft.NET v3.5

Install files:
Download the latest file release and unzip files in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\FormsGenerator.

Create Database:
  • You need a command tool for SQL server (isql or osql) or the Query Analyzer, Enterprise Manager, SQL Management Studio.
  • Create a new database and name it "FormsGenerator"
  • Create an user account in SQL Server that has read and write permissions in the new database.
  • Run the script that is included in the ZIP file located in the SQL folder. This should create the new tables.

Configure the Web Application:
  • In the XML folder, remove ".example" from formelements.xml.example (the file should now be formelements.xml). You can take a look at the file to see what formelements are available and how they are configured.
  • In the Script folder rename initializeHtmlEditor.js.example to initializeHtmlEditor.js.
  • Open initializeHtmlEditor.js in notepad or similar editor and specify the path to the Editor in the editorurl variable. If you change this file later, make shure you restart the webapplication (ie. by adding a space in web.config and saving) since the file is cached at startup.
  • In the root folder of the web application, rename web.config.example to web.config
  • Open web.config in your favourite text editor (notepad)
  • At the bottom of web.config there are some Application Settings located in the <Appsettings> element. Edit the connectionstring (DBConnectionString) to match with the databasesettings. Make sure the XML path settings are correct (File-formelements.xml and File- formempty.xml)

Configure IIS:
  • Open IIS management console (Right click My computer and select "manage")
  • Under "Web Sites" create a new Web Site or create a new Virtual Directory under a current Web Site. Use default settings.
  • Click properties for the newly created Web Site or the virtual Directory and select "Directory Security". Click The edit button in the Anonymous Access panel. Remove Anonymous Access and add Integrated Windows Authentication. Do not use Digest or Basic authentication if you do not need it. Click OK.
  • NB! you need to give Anonymous access to the XML folder if the calling application is located on another machine or is not running the ASPNET account on the server where the FormsGenerator was installed. This is needed because of the webservice returning the form to the application.
  • Give Read and Execute rights to Domain users and to ASPNET user/Network Service for the folder where the FormsGenerator application is located (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\FormsGenerator). This can be done by right clicking the FormsGenerator folder and selecting the security tab
  • That should be it. You can now enjoy the FormsGenerator at the Web Site you created, i.e. http://Localhost/Formsgenerator.

See documentation for how to test the Web Service or how to use FormsGenerator.

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